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Flow Measurement

The laminar air flowmeters and sonic nozzles are the core products for Sokken's flow measurement technology and both products are highly reliable and are introduced in textbooks those of fluid dynamics. These products are the typical flowmeters basically based on the fundamental physical laws.

The laminar flowmeter released in 1969 was widely evaluated by the engine research fields for those features of low pressure drop and hard to be affected by pulsation flow so that it became a "standard" air flowmeters for those fields.

The sonic nozzle was only built into our custom-made flow test stands in early stage, but Sokken established the flow measurement technology by focused on its long-term stability and reliability. The sonic nozzles nowadays contribute greatly to our own calibration system.

Sokken has been developed a variable throat area Venturi nozzle flowmeter, constant air flow generator stand and several air flow test stand etc. based on the laminar flowmeters and sonic nozzles, and will continue constantly to develop high quality instruments to meet with customers' requirements in the future.

  • Flow Measurement Image
  • Flow Measurement Image

Pressure Measurement

Our pressure gauges are not only one of our commercial products but also devices incorporating into our custom-made products and are the indispensable products to develop our new instruments.

The pressure gauges were derived from the necessity of measuring differential pressure for laminar air flowmeters, orifices and nozzles etc. The pressure gauges with analogue output were configured with high quality pressure transducers imported from abroad and these were evaluated greatly from many fields and also contributed remarkably to measuring pressure precisely and automated instrumentation compared with the conventional liquid manometers. Afterwards, the products range for the pressure gauges were arranged with full line-up to meet the customers' requirement and ready to provide a full range of pressure gauges from very low pressure to extremely high pressure for various industrial fields.

Our much effort has also been paid to improve and manage the calibration accuracy while arranging a full line-up of pressure gauges and now Sokken have own in-house pressure calibration standard which are traceable to the national standard with "JCSS(ilac, MRA)" with equipped the full air conditioning, anti-vibration floor room and the gravity correction.

We will be offering our full support for customer's applications of pressure measurement and continue constantly to develop the pressure measurement technology.

  • Pressure Measurement Image
  • Pressure Measurement Image