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Tsukasa Sokken Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: “Company” or “SOKKEN” or “We”) is to build an environment under which SOKKEN will respect the privacy of everyone using this site (hereinafter collectively referred to as: “Customers”), and will pay utmost attention to the management of personal information and treat it with care.

■Purpose of Use

The collected Personal information Company obtain will use for the following purposes.

  • An information of SOKKEN’s handled items and its service, and sales promotion
  • An information of SOKKEN’s up-dated news, several seminars and exhibition
  • Send a questionnaire regarding research and study
  • Providing the information on SOKKEN’s business activities
  • Personalizing in Website and mail service
  • Utilizing in recruiting activities
  • Input into business card list
  • Responding/answering to Customer’s inquiries
  • SOKKEN will use personal information that our Company independently acquired to support direct marketing, internet marketing and similar marketing activities of client companies that we requested.
  • SOKKEN will send a mail magazine to whom person exchanged name cards with staffs of the Company

SOKKEN will never use the Customer’s personal information collected by using this site beyond described above purpose of use.

■Optionality of provision of personal information

If you do not enter the necessary items in each required service, you may not be able to receive each service.

■Providing the personal information to any third party

Company, in principle, never provide the personal information to any third party without Customer’s consent. If in that case, Company will provide the personal information only having after the Customer’s consent, upon identifying the providing party and the content of information provided.
However, at the below mentioned occasions, to the extent that does not violate related laws and regulations, the personal information may be provided to third party without having Customer’s consent.

  • When Company judge that the Customers will cause any disadvantages to a third party
  • Especially when it is necessary for improving public health or implementation of health development of children, and also it is difficult to obtain Customer’s consent.
  • In cases where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person entrusted with it to carry out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, and obtaining Customer’s consent will affect the execution of the affairs.
  • When the court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, the bar association, the consumer center, or authorities having authority conforming thereto requested disclosure of personal information.
  • When Customers himself requested to explicitly disclose or provide to a third party.
  • When disclosure is permitted by laws and regulations
  • To the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use, delegating part or all of personal information handling business.
  • In cases where personal information is provided in line with the business succession due to merger or other reasons, the personal information is handled within the scope of the purpose of use before the succession.

■Scope of third party

In the following cases, a person those who receiving personal information shall not applicable as third party.

  • To the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use, delegating part or all of personal information handling business.
  • In cases where personal information is provided in line with the business succession due to merger or other reasons.

■Outsourcing of the Personal Information process

This Company may outsource some or all of personal information handling process.
This Company will also take a responsibility in regard to the handling of the personal information processing at the outsourcing contractor.

■Change of Personal Information, etc.

In principle, only for the Customers himself are able to request disclosure of registered personal information, correction, deletion, cease of use, and to stop providing to third parties. Please contact to the following address in detail, if there is a question.
Provided that in the following cases there may not be disclose personal information, such as when there is any fear of harm the life of the Customer himself or life of a third party, when there is a risk damage to the interests of property and other rights, when there is a risk of remarkable difficulties to proper implementation of this handling service, and when the activities violate the laws and regulations.
In addition, when a large amount of expenditures is required for suspension of use or providing to third parties (hereinafter referred to as: “suspension of use”), if we take alternative measures necessary to protect the rights and interest of customers; we may not to respond the requests for suspension of use, etc.

■Accuracy of Personal Information

The Company will endeavor to accurately data processing for the provided personal information.
As to the content of the provided Personal information, however, the Customers is responsible to the description is true and correct and the latest one.

■Restrict acquisition of subtlety Personal Information

Company do not acquisition the Personal information contained in following contents, except for the Customers himself providing.

  • Matters concerning thought, creed and religion
  • Race, nation, lineage, permanent address (excluding information on the located prefectures), physical and mental disorders, criminal record, and other matters that cause social discrimination
  • Worker’s right to organize, collective bargaining and matters concerning actions of group actions.
  • Participation in collective demonstration act, exercise of petition right, and matters concerning the exercise of political right
  • Health care and sexual life

■About identity verification

The Company will do confirm that you are the principal by the information that can identify you (name, address, telephone number, birth data, mail address, etc.) whenever respond to requests for correction, deletion or suspension of use. However, Company is not responsible when other than the principal obtains and use the information that can identify individuals.

Cookie Policy

■Cookie Policy

The Company are using Cookies for improving user-friendliness service, distributing advertisement for sales promotion, etc. of SOKKEN’s product line.
Workings of Cookies meant the system whenever Customers using the Webpage the information sent and received between internet browsing software (browser) and server such as usage history of Customers, contents inputted, etc. are temporarily stored as a file in Customer’s computer.
When cookies transmitted/reception is permitted in Customers browser setting, Company may obtain stored Cookies from Customers computer, and may to link the collected behavior history and Personal Information.
The Company also may refer the stored Cookies in Customers computer via Webpages in third party entrusted for ad serving or the Webpages other than this site, and Company may conduct ad serving and sales promotion of Company product line ups.
Customers are able to select among 「Allow cookies」,「Reject cookies」,or 「Notify me when I receive cookie」by Customers browser settings. If Customers select 「Reject cookies」, sometimes you cannot receive a part of service provided by Company.

■Inquiries regarding Personal information

General Affairs Department, TSUKASA SOKKEN CO., LTD.
This Company is subject to change from time to time this privacy policy, except as provided as laws and regulations.

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