Company Profile

Corporate philosophy

  • We will strive diligently to "Customers' reliability" through our established technology over many years
  • We will think and act constantly on customers' behalf
  • We will aim at "Manufacturing(Monozukuri)" to meet the times
  • We will esteem "Harmony among people"
  • We will observe the laws and ordinances and will contribute to the social welfare

Message from President

President Tsuyoshi TaishiSokken have particular strength in measuring flow/pressure measurement technology, thus Sokken has been very much contributed to R&D’s for automotive technology by providing the test and measuring instruments.

Because the regulations for emissions from vehicles and engines become stricter year after year, the measurements of exhaust emission become more and more important not only gas component but also particulate matter, PM.

Sokken will respond along to the requests of the times, and will be striving to develop high quality and advanced measuring instrument by accumulated measurement technologies, under the motto “はかるをカタチに”

President Tsuyoshi Taishi